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Perfect International Instruments Co.,Ltd, the excellent supplier of global testing machine and related services, was founded in 1997 ,Taiwan .Then, Dongguan factory was founded in 2003. It has been providing quality improvement solutions for rubber, plastics, footwear, food, daily chemical, paper, color printing packaging, suitcase handbags, electronic wire, textile, sports equipment, biochemical, pharmaceutical, household appliances, office equipment, aviation, aerospace, as well as the colleges and universities, research institute and other customers from area of scientific research and development.


Perfect International Instruments Co., Ltd

Perfect International Instruments Co.,Ltd, mainly focus on research, manufacture and sales in Tensile Testing Machine, Universal Testing machine,Hydraulic Compression Testing Machine,Tensile Strength Tester Environmental Test Chamber,Temperature Humidity Test Chamber,Aging Oven, Hot Air Drying Oven,Salt Spray Chamber,Adhesive Tape Tester,Luggage Suitcase and Bags Test Equipment . The products meet UL, ASTM, JIS, GB, ISO, TAPPI, EN, BS...and other domestic and international standards.

Perfect International Instruments Co., Ltd



Perfect Instruments has accumulated over 20 years of technology and experience, and has obtained more than dozens of patents, such as invention, utility model and appearance.Since 1997 into the domestic development, gradually for the adhesive testing industry, paper packaging industry, cosmetics, food and beverage, bags handbags and other industries to import foreign advanced quality detection technology and international advanced technology of detecting instrument.



Our ideal : To provide customers with the best solution to improve the quality of products, eliminate the defects of all products and use hidden dangers, and pursue to improve the quality of human life!

Perfect International Instruments Co., Ltd




The history events of Perfect International Instruments Co.,Ltd




Perfect International Instruments Co., Ltd. was established in Taichung, Taiwan.In the same year, "PERFECT" treasure entered into the rubber and shoe testing instrument industry. Ferfect Instruments is recognized by Adidas (Adidas) Asia Pacific procurement center. In the same 1997, it opened the domestic market, providing a complete set of instruments for the manufacturing of products for the manufacturers of the footwear industry. Besides,the mainland office was set up.



Dongguan Perfect instrument accessory factory was founded, which was mainly responsible for the after-sales service of mainland China,preparing for entrying into the mainland market.



Dongguan Perfect International Instruments Co.,Ltd was established as bridgehead, and the strategy of the company began to focus on the overall transfer of the domestic market.In the same year, PERFECT series luggage test instruments were approved by the American Samsonite Technology.



The products of Perfect International Instruments Co.,Ltd. was awarded by Jiangsu Quality Inspection Institute.In the same year, we registered "PERFECT INTERNATIONAL" series product trademarks, and began to sell most of the high-order testing equipment to the national market.



Perfect Instruments Corporation. was awarded by Guangdong provincial Technical Supervision Bureau for the production license of Metrological Products;In the same year, our product was approved by Coca-Cola China.



Dongguan Perfect Instrument Co.,Ltd was accepted by the China Adhesive Association as the first instrument company, and participated in the approval of the national standard of the adhesive.In the same year, we drafted and revised some national standards for luggage.And to introduce the international advanced detection concept into our industry



Under the new economic situation, Taiwan and Dongguan Perfect Instrument have conducted a calm analysis and deliberate decision to release the big declaration.The great treasure declaration clarifies the company's mission and finds value for its existence and points out the way forward for all noble adults.It also marks "PERFECT", which will be formally transformed from a manufacturer of equipment and equipment to a solution provider for customer quality improvement.



The localization solution was formally introduced, and the "Cheminstruments" national standard series trademark was officially registered."PERFECT" has taken the important change of localization.The second production base of dongguan was established in the same year, and the production and development of environmental simulation products were carried out


International marketing center was set up in Taipei,Taiwan.Within one year, the marketing positions were spread across southeast Asian countries.Company's international road is starting.



In this year,we have awarded 3 Patents of National Invention, 9 Utility Models and nearly 15 Appearance Designs.Perfect international marketing center beat the news, the testing machinr products are exported to north and South America and Europe, Italy and other countries, all got customer's satisfaction.



'PERFECT" series of environmental testing machines and mechanical testing machines have been promoted by large mobile phone manufacturers, and thus smoothly entered into large electronics manufacturers such as "Foxconn".The company's making a great progress.



Patent products "Top Pressure Gauge" awarded "Guangdong High-tech Products" title.PERFECT serise Simulated Environmental Test Chamber became a qualified supplier of Chinese military enterprises.



The "Tensile Testing Machine Measurement and Control System" and "Temperature and Humidity Control System" won the patent authorization of software copyright.In the same year, the "Tape Uncoil Testing Machine" was authorized by the Nation for patent invention




 Perfect International Instruments Co.,Ltd       


Provide the best solutions:


Our sales engineers will make the most reasonable test scheme ,according to the customer's actual situation. standing in customer's side to provide professional assistance for customers' quality management and quality control.


A. Get Customers' Needs

   Visit the customer site to know the requirements.

B. Allocate Scientifically

   Make scientific and feasible plan according to customer's actual demand


                                                  One Stop Service


     Perfect International Instruments Co., Ltd



Our After-sales service including:


1. One year Warranty including free maintenance and changing Instrument components
2. Life-long technical assistance and video teaching
3. Unbeatable Prices We continuously strive to find ways of reducing our production costs, and passing the savings over to you!

4. PERFECT Brand Awareness The goal of any strong brand is achieve a level of awareness that instills the idea of quality and value into all of your potential customers.
5. Special Offers In order to maintain our competitive edge, we are constantly running special offers on our          promotion tester machine, consumer goods, and design services. Contact our sales team to see how we can    help you save a lot of money.

Our Team

Perfect International Instruments Co., Ltd


Work together to create the glory of the enterprise ,struggle for our ideal !

We are a tough team with firm convictions.We are free to use our unlimited potential to explore and absorb all technologies and technologies in the big family.We have always been firmly committed to the quality of human products, and we have pursued our common cause.




 Perfect International Instruments Co., Ltd


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Perfect International Instruments Co., Ltd



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Perfect International Instruments Co., Ltd


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