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Programmable Temperature And Humidity Tester 80 Liters 3 Chambers Type

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Programmable Temperature And Humidity Tester 80 Liters 3 Chambers Type
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Item Name: Temperature Humidity Tester
Inner Size: 40*40*50cm(W*D*H), 3 Layers
Temperature Range: -20℃ To 100℃
Temperature Fluctuation: ≤±0.3℃
Temperature Departure: ≤±2℃
Humidity Range: 30%~98%.RH
Humidity Fluctuation: ≤±2%R.H.
Humidity Uniformity: ≤±3% R.H.(at Condition ≥75%R.H.) ≤±5% R.H.(at Condition<75%R.H.)
Heating Time: -20℃→+100℃: 2-3℃/min
Cooling Time: +20℃→-20℃: 0.7-1℃/min
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Programmable Temperature And Humidity Tester


3 Chambers Temperature And Humidity Tester


80 Liters Temperature Humidity Test Chamber

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: POOTAB
Certification: ISO,CE,SGS
Model Number: PT-2093
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Plywood Case Or As Customer Requested
Delivery Time: About 20 Working Days After Order Confirmation
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union
Supply Ability: 150 Sets Per Month
Product Description

Programmable Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber 80 Liters 3 Chambers Type



Constant temperature humidity test chamber 3 layers type is used for the product according to the national standards or set requirements, the user changes in low temperature, high temperature, temperature and humidity and its circulation condition, physics and other related characteristics of product environmental simulation test, test, through testing, to judge the performance of the products, whether can still meet predetermined requirement, so that for product design, improve, identification and factory inspection.


Parameters :

Model Name PT-2093 Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber 80L, 3 Chambers Type
Inner Cabinet Size 40*40*50cm(W*D*H), 3 layers
Outer Caninet Size 110*130*218cm(W*D*H)
Temperature Range -20℃ to 100℃
Temperature Fluctuation ≤±0.3℃

Temperature Departure

Humidity Range 30%~98%.
Humidity Fluctuation ≤±2%R.H.
Humidity Uniformity

≤±3% R.H.(at condition ≥75%R.H.)

≤±5% R.H.(at condition<75%R.H.)

Heating Time -20℃→+100℃: 2-3℃/min
Cooling Time +20℃→-20℃: 0.7-1℃/min
Test Environment ambient temperature is +25℃, relative humidity not over than 85%, and there is no sample in the test chamber
Source Of Power Supply 3 phase 5 line ,AC 380V, 30A


Meet Standards:

GB/T11158-2008,GB/T10589-2008, GB/T10592-2008, GB/T10586-2006, GB/T2423.1-2008 Test A, GB/T2423.2-2008 Test B
GB/T2423.3-2006, GB/T2423.4-2008,GB/T2423.22-2002, IEC60068-2-1:2007
IEC60068-2-2:2007, GJB150.3 ; GJB150.4 ;GJB150.9
IEC68-2-1 Test A; IEC68-2-2 Test B


Structural Features :

1. Insulation envelope

1) Outer wall material: cold rolled steel plate baking paint.

2) Inner wall material: 304 stainless steel.

3) Box insulation material: rigid polyurethane foam.

4) Door insulation material: rigid polyurethane foam.

2. Air Adjust Channel

1)Centrifugal fan of air conditioning channel:

2) Heater, humidifier, evaporator, feed outlet, temperature sensor.

3. Standard Configuration of Test Chamber

  •  Large Windows 250x330x40mm, 3 vacuum layers;
  •  Flat explosion-proof handle;
  •  Door hinge : SUS #304;
  •  Box lamp (1 philips observation lamp);
  •  2 stainless steel SUS #304 grille steel plate shelving (adjustable up and down, detachable);
  •  Stainless steel adjustable spacing 40mm shelving 2 sets of track;
  •  Lead hole x1: 50mm

4. Chabmer Door

  • Single door, from right to left, hand on the right side;Full open door type 3, single open type.
  • Equipped with Windows W250Xh330 mm, lighting;
  • Window/door frame anti-condensation heating device.

5. Control panel controller display screen, overtemperature protection setting device

6. Refrigeration unit of mechanical room, water receiving tray and drainage hole

7. Distribution control cabinet distribution board and exhaust fan

8. Heater heating system: bare wire heating wire heating air circulation mode

9. Humidifier shallow groove boiler humidification system.

10. Power cord holes and drain holes are located on the back of the cabinet


Refrigeration system :

1. Working mode mechanical refrigeration.

2. The original refrigeration compressor is imported from France "Tecumseh" low-temperature and high-efficiency full-density compressor.

3. Evaporator fin type multi - stage automatic load capacity adjustment.

4. Condenser air-cooled separation type.

5. Expansion system: volumetric controlled refrigeration system (capillary).

6. Evaporative condenser stainless steel brazing plate heat exchanger.

7. The controller of the control system automatically adjusts the operating condition of the refrigerator according to the test conditions.

Evaporation pressure control valve.

Compressor return air cooling circuit

8. Refrigerant dupont R404a environmental refrigerant (ozone depletion index: 0)


Electrical control system :

1. Independently developed control system:

  • with 7-inch true color touch screen,
  • human-machine friendly interactive interface,
  • intuitive display of temperature and humidity.


2. Temperature and humidity controller:

  • adopts the original imported microcomputer color liquid crystal display touch screen direct keystroke type,
  • the wide perspective in Chinese and English,
  • the temperature and humidity of high contrast function can be programmed at the same time,
  • with 250 groups of program 12500 times memory, each section 520Hour59Min, can be arbitrarily divided and set, and with multiple groups of PID control functions.

3. Controller Specification :

  •  Accuracy: temperature ±0.1℃+1digit, humidity ±1%R.H+1digit;
  •  Resolution: temperature ±0.01℃, humidity ±0.1%R.H;
  •  Temperature slope :0.1 ~ 9.9 adjustable;
  •  with upper and lower limit standby and alarm functions;
  • Temperature and humidity input signal wet and dry sphere PT100x2;
  •  9 sets of P.I.D control parameters were set, and P.I.D calculated automatically;
  •  Automatic wet and dry ball correction.

4 . Screen Display Function :

  •  color painting face to talk, without the need for button input, the screen directly touch options;
  •  Temperature and humidity setting (SV) and actual (PV) values are directly displayed.
  •  display the current execution program number, segment, remaining time and cycle times;
  •  operation cumulative time function;
  •  The temperature and humidity program setting value is displayed by graph curve with the function of real-time display program curve execution;
  •  With separate program editing screen, at least 5 sections of temperature, humidity and time can be input per page;
  •  Chinese and English can be arbitrarily switched;
  •  Fault prompt screen display;
  •  The screen can be backlit;
  •  Screen protection can be set to TIMER, TIMER or manually turn off.

4. program capacity and control function

  • Available program groups: up to 100 PATTEN.
  • Available memory capacity: a total of 10000 SEGMENTS.
  • Repeatable commands: up to 999,999 times per command.
  • The production of the program, with editing, cleaning, insertion and other functions.
  • Programmable timing control module device x2 group.
  • With the power program memory, after the automatic start and continue to execute the program function.
  • With rs-485 communication interface.
  • With USB interface function.
  • Program execution can be real-time display graph curve.
  • Automatically adjusting the freezing ability.
  • Reservation start and shutdown.
  • With date, time adjustment function.
  • Key and screen LOCK function.

Constant Temperature Humidity Tester Photo :

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