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New product launched-- PT-5098L Fully Automatic DuPont Impact Tester

April 22, 2021

Latest company news about New product launched--  PT-5098L Fully Automatic DuPont Impact Tester

PT-5098L Fully Automatic DuPont Impact Tester



PT-5098L Fully Automatic DuPont Impact Tester is based on a specified weight, adjusted to a certain height, so that it can fall freely, and impact the surface of the test piece. Observe the changes on the surface of the test piece after being impacted to evaluate the surface The coating grade is suitable for the firmness test of plastic, ceramic, acrylic, glass fiber, plastic test piece and other materials.


Technical features:
1. The experimental height of the DuPont impact testing machine can be adjusted freely:
2. The relevant impact head and load can be designed according to different products, which can be widely used and save the buyer's cost;
3. The DuPont impact testing machine has reasonable design, stable structure, convenient operation and accurate testing;
4. The machine structure adopts high-precision, low-resistance, and non-clearance guide pillars built-in with high-precision, low-resistance, and no-clearance guide columns, which improve the load efficiency and structural rigidity;
5. The control system adopts a fully digital AC server to control the AC servo motor with high response frequency to ensure high efficiency of the transmission system, stable transmission, low noise, and speed accuracy can be controlled within ±0.2%;
6. The microcomputer system adopts a commercial computer as the main control machine, and cooperates with the company's professional test software to complete all test parameter setting, working status control, data acquisition and processing analysis, and the result display.






Product model PT-5098L
Impact weight 200g (100g, 300g weights can be added)
Impact height 0-700mm can be freely controlled (drop height can also be customized)
Punch size 8mm can be customized (round head/flat head optional)
Lifting speed 0~50m/min
Impact workpiece size As shown in the figure below (customizable)
Control method PLC programmable control
Falling method Electromagnetic instant free fall
Machine size 500×420×1560mm(W*D*H)
Weight 75kg
Power 220V, 50Hz (or 110V, 60Hz)
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