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PT-8810 Mobile Phone Roller Drop Tester

China Perfect International Instruments Co., Ltd certification
China Perfect International Instruments Co., Ltd certification
Xin chào, the tensile tersting machine satisfied me, with detailed operating manual guide.I can test my products scientifically.

—— Phong from Vietnam

Assalamu alaykum , I think it is a reliable factory supplier. The testers sent to PK with resonable price.Let's meet in next order.

—— Muhammad Imran from Pakistan

Realmente muchas gracias. Perfect Instrument , Perfect Group. Its very patient and professional , helping clarify ASTM standard, and machine training

—— Garnica from Ecuador

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Company News
PT-8810 Mobile Phone Roller Drop Tester
Latest company news about PT-8810 Mobile Phone Roller Drop Tester

PT-8810 Mobile Phone Roller Drop Tester--Solve the problem of fragile screen

With the rapid development of electronic technology, especially small packaging and high-density assembly technology, portable electronic products have been greatly popularized. Nowadays, smart phone manufacturers are committed to pursuing the thinness and performance of mobile phones. In order to prove that current mobile phones are not It’s not useful." Now all mobile phones sold on the market have to undergo relevant physical performance tests before they can be put on the market.
In order to meet market demand, PERFECT has launched a test machine that can test the drop of electronic products. So what does this mobile phone roller drop test machine look like? Let's take a look.



The mobile phone drum drop tester is suitable for continuous rotation drop test of various small portable electronic products such as mobile phones, PDAs, electronic dictionaries, CDs, MP3s, and remote controls. After the test product has passed N times of drops, after the number of times set by the counter is reached, the ability of the product to withstand slewing drops is evaluated. This equipment is mainly manufactured according to the IEC standard GB/T2423.8. The structure is reasonable and unique, and it has full applicability to different models of mobile phones. The equipment runs stably, with low noise and maintenance-free.


1 Manually put the mobile phone into the drum → close the transparent cover and the protective device → the motor drives the drum to rotate counterclockwise → fall twice after one rotation.
2 The motor realizes the fixed number of rotation of the drum (5 revolutions per minute).
3 The drop height is 500 and 1000mm, and the two stations work at the same time.
4 The roller structure ensures that the mobile phone falls randomly, avoiding non-standard friction and collision motion.
5 It adopts Taiwan-made speed-adjusting motor drive and speed governor to set the rotation speed, and is driven by a synchronous belt wheel/transmission, with extremely low start-stop noise and stable operation;
6 The operation panel is designed to be simple and easy to control, the frequency can be directly displayed, and the rotation can be controlled by jog to facilitate loading and unloading of the test piece. It will alarm when the set number of times is reached;
7 It adopts LCD display to count by preset counter, with electric memory function, and it will stop automatically when the set number of times is reached.



Product model PT-8810
Number of stations double barrel
Drop height range 500mm(1sets) 1000mm(1sets)
Falling frequency 5-20 times/min
Test product weight 2-5KG
Counter 1-999999 times can be set
Number of rollers 1000mm, 500mm each 1
Machine weight about 120kg
Power 300W
Power supply voltage 220V 50HZ

about 1500x1300x1650mm

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