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TL84 Multi Lights Color Comparison Box D65 Color Assessment Cabinet

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TL84 Multi Lights Color Comparison Box D65 Color Assessment Cabinet
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Item Name: Color Assessment Cabinet
Light Sources: D65, UV, F/A, CWF, TL84
Inner Size: 1280*590*600mm
Outer Size: 1310*620*800mm
High Light:

Multi Lights Color Comparison Box


D65 Color Assessment Cabinet


D65 Colour Assessment Cabinet

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: POOTAB
Certification: ISO,SGS,CE
Model Number: PT-6508
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: plywood case
Delivery Time: 7 working days after deposit
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union
Supply Ability: 500 sets per month
Product Description

TL84 Multi-Lights Color Comparison Box D65


Application :
Standard light source color light box, color comparison box, color assessment cabinet, is widely used in the field of color management in various industries such as textiles, plastics, paints, inks, printing and dyeing, printing, pigments, packaging, ceramics, leather, cosmetics, etc., to accurately check the color deviation of goods and improve product quality And market competitiveness.
Especially in cloudy and dark hours, the use of standard light sources is particularly important for the color light box to detect the color deviation of the goods.


Light Sources Parameters :
(1). D65 --- International-standard Artificial Daylight
Color temperature:6500K Power:20W
(2).F/A --- Comparison referential light source, Applicable to family / hotel
Color temperature:2700K Power:40W
(3). CWF (Cool White Fluorescent)
Color temperature:4150K Power:20W
(4). TL84 --- Applicable to stores in Europe, Japan and China
Color temperature:4000K Power:18W
(5). UV ---- Ultraviolet light source
Wavelength:365nm Power:20W


Follow Standards :

GB/T7922,JIS Z8110/8724,CIE 30


Detailed Specifications :

Model PT-6508 color comparison box (5 light sources)
Inner Cabinet Size 1280*590*600mm
Outer Cabinet Size 1310*620*800mm
Weight about 95kg
Switch touch switch
Integrated Timer Record and display running Time of each light source lamp.
Light Sources D65*2 ; CWF*2 ; TL84*2 ; UV*1 ; F/A*4
Power Supply AC 220V 50HZ



Light Sources Performance :

  1. D65 uses the artificial fluorescent lamp D65 recognized by the International Institute of Illumination (CIE) as the basic lighting source. In addition to being used for contrasting colors, D65 is also defined as the lighting source for gray scale contrast by most of the world's societies or groups.
  2. UV ultraviolet light source (Ultra: Violet llluminant) Because fluorescent and whitening dyes are commonly used in industrial production, the best way to detect these effects is to use ultraviolet light source, because ultraviolet light is dyed with fluorescent light. The substance of the agent will produce obvious brightness changes, which can be easily detected by the naked eye.
  3. F/A Filament Lighting is suitable for replacing the observation of colors under the light source in a family or hotel room, such as the color management of underwear, bedroom supplies and other products.
  4. Some customers of CWF require the use of this light source for color matching. For example, American customers often require the use of Cool White Fluorescent (CWF) light sources.
  5. European and Japanese merchants associations require the use of Triphosphor Lamp P15 (TL84) light sources.


Operating Instructions :
1. Connect the random power cord to the light box, connect the other end of the plug to the power supply socket, and turn on the power (220V 50HZ).
2. Lightly press the ON/OFF button on the panel of the color matching light box, the LCD module (with backlight) will display the power supply, and display the name of each light source and the cumulative use time.
3. Press D65, UV, F/A, TL84, CWF, keys to switch automatically, and you can turn on multiple light sources at the same time (press simultaneously). In the case of a single light source, the displayed time is the name and use time of the corresponding light source. In the case of multiple light sources, the name and use time of the activated light source are displayed on the flow. The CLR button on the keypad is used for resetting and clearing, which is effective when a single light source is activated.
4. Place the tested product in the middle of the bottom plate of the light box. The viewing angle is preferably a 90-degree light source and a 45-degree line of sight. The appropriate angle can be adjusted according to the shape of the object to be tested to achieve the best detection effect. As shown in Figure A, the light source is incident on the object to be inspected from perpendicular, and the observer observes from 45 degrees.
5. Turn off the power and press the ON/OFF button. The power should be turned off if it is not used for a long time.
6. When replacing a new lamp, please refer to the arrangement position of the lamp in Figure B for installation. Various light sources (tubes) have corresponding positions to install, and the position of the lamp should not be reversed. After replacing the old fluorescent tube, the original use time should be cleared (ie restart the timing), the clearing method: turn on the replaced fluorescent tube, insert a screwdriver into the center hole of the CLR, and press this key (other The light tube usage time will not be cleared). Note: Do not use the CLR buttons arbitrarily to avoid resetting the timing system time by mistake.
7. The light box is equipped with six standard light sources, all of which are installed in a fixed position of the light box, and the position cannot be reversed.
8. The external power supply of this equipment must have a grounding device to ensure safe use.


Color Assessment Cabinet Pictures :

TL84 Multi Lights Color Comparison Box D65 Color Assessment Cabinet 0


TL84 Multi Lights Color Comparison Box D65 Color Assessment Cabinet 1

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