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PT-5000AG Small Coating Tester Comprehensive Type Overload Protection System

PT-5000AG Small Coating Tester Comprehensive Type Overload Protection System
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Accuracy: ±0.5% Of Full Scale
Control System: Closed Loop Control System
Data Acquisition: High Speed Data Acquisition
Data Analysis: Real Time Data Analysis
Display: LCD Display
Load Capacity: 10kN To 500kN
Load Resolution: 0.1N To 1kN
Name: Universal Testing Machine
Safety System: Overload Protection System
Software: User Friendly Software
Speed Range: 0.1mm/min To 500mm/min
Speed Resolution: 0.01mm/min
Stroke Length: 50mm To 1000mm
Type: Mechanical Testing Machine
High Light:

Overload protection system Coating Tester


Comprehensive Small Coating Tester


500kN Lab Coating Machine

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PT-5000AG Small Coating Tester (Comprehensive Type)

Product Description:


The PT-5000AG Small Coating Tester (Comprehensive Type) is a compact and versatile device designed for coating experiments. It features a range of innovative technologies and user-friendly controls to ensure accurate and consistent coating results. The machine is equipped with a PLC touchscreen controller, allowing for easy parameter adjustment and mode selection. With its small footprint and elegant design, the PT-5000AG is not only space-saving but also visually appealing. It is suitable for various testing standards and offers reliable performance for coating applications.



Compact Design: The PT-5000AG is designed with a small and space-saving footprint, making it ideal for laboratories and research facilities with limited space.

High-quality Construction: The machine body is coated using automotive high-gloss spraying technology, ensuring corrosion resistance and durability.

PLC Touchscreen Controller: The device features a user-friendly PLC touchscreen controller that allows for easy mode selection and parameter adjustment. It offers multiple storage modes and ensures highly consistent coating parameters, minimizing errors.

Precise Control: The PLC touchscreen controller provides precise control over coating distance and speed. It supports different speed units, such as mm/min and in/min, catering to various testing requirements.

Stepper Motor Drive: The PT-5000AG utilizes a stepper motor drive installed on the baseboard for smoother operation, reduced noise, minimized vibration impact on coating, and improved durability. It enables accurate control of the coating process.

Versatile Functions: The device serves dual purposes, with line-bar mode suitable for all types of imported and domestic line bars, and scraper mode effectively combining the advantages of line bars and scrapers. It offers diverse functionality while maintaining user-friendly operation.

Integrated UV Lamp or Hot Air Oven: The machine is designed with a flip-cover type UV lamp (or hot air oven) for convenient curing of coatings directly on the device. This eliminates the need to move coated products to a separate curing machine, preventing deformation of the coating substrate and unwanted paint flow, ensuring optimal coating results.



The PT-5000AG Small Coating Tester is widely used in various industries for coating experiments and quality control. Its applications include but are not limited to:

Research and Development: The device is suitable for coating research projects that require precise evaluation of film thickness differences.

Quality Control: It is utilized in quality control processes to ensure consistent and reliable coating results.

Coating Production: The PT-5000AG is employed in coating production lines for testing and optimizing coating parameters.

Support and Services:

Technical Assistance: Our expert technicians are available to provide technical support and guidance for installation, operation, and maintenance.

Training: We offer training programs to familiarize users with the operation and maintenance of the device, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Warranty: The machine comes with a one-year warranty, providing coverage for any manufacturing defects or malfunctions.



Q1. What is the coating range of the PT-5000AG?

A1. The PT-5000AG offers an adjustable coating range of 1.5μm to 3000μm.

Q2. Can the machine accommodate different coating modes?

A2. Yes, the PT-5000AG supports both line-bar and scraper modes, offering versatility and flexibility in coating applications.

Q3. What is the precision of the coating thickness?

A3. The PT-5000AG provides a coating accuracy of ±1μm (line-bar mode) and ±2μm (scraper mode).

Q4. What are the power requirements for the device?

A4. The PT-5000AG operates on a 1-phase AC220V, 50Hz power supply.

Q5. Does the machine come with a warranty?

A5. Yes, the PT-5000AG comes with a one-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects and malfunctions.

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